We are Janeious

We are a company born from mobile gaming communities. Fueled by the group’s frustrations with current F2P game mechanics, monetisation and customer support/services – We decided to start building the alternative everyone wanted.

We also believe in a new model of community funded game development. This puts the power in our hands with the fans as stakeholders. It creates a virtuous, transparent cycle and means we really do have best, long-term interests of the community at our hearts.

They also act as focus group, testers, QA and a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

The core team is comprised of industry veterans and outstanding new talent from Ireland, Germany and Britain, while our community and shareholders are truly global.

The team includes serious F2P and mobile experience, hardcore players, artists and coders with award winning AAA experience and a dedicated lore/story writer.

Fusion Guards

is a mobile multiplayer strategy game for those who want to enjoy an immersive, hardcore gaming experience. It is a game with a compelling story, fun single and team gameplay, valuing its players and their time.

We want to create a game players can enjoy for a long time. A game where players create virtual history and a game run by a company which supports its users as if they are friends.

The Janeious family

Romain Schneider aka Jane

  • Director/founder
  • Over 15 years senior strategy consulting, banking and start up experience
  • Top ranking mobile gamer/community manager

Tony Kelly

  • Senior Technology Advisor
  • Over 25 years management/ operations experience in games, apps development
  • Former Demonware CEO
  • 40+ national & international awards

Mark Peterson

  • Creative director
  • 10 years of game design experience
  • Developed several top 10 IOS games
  • Former consultant for HP
  • Lecturer on game design

Dave Brennan

  • Senior software developer
  • Over 10 years of back end experience at Activision-Blizzard
  • COD, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3

Sven Schilp

  • Software developer
  • Several years of game development experience
  • Unity coder with back-end background

Jens Fiedler

  • Art director
  • 10+ years in game development industry
  • UI Artist/Ux Designer/Concept artist for AAA games

Patrick Brownrigg

  • Junior Unity Developer
  • Degree in game development
  • Certified Unity Developer

Ros Morales

  • Concept artist
  • Professional Illustrator and concept artist
  • 6 years experience with multiple game/film franchises

Basil Lim

  • Technical artist
  • Several years of art experience for multiple games
  • 2D / 3D art, animation
  • Unity integration of models, textures, special effects and lighting

David Sweeney

  • Has been an entertainment lawyer for over 20 years working in music, film and video games.
  • Represents video game companies of all sizes at national and international level.
  • In 2011 he founded the Irish trade body Games Ireland.

Chad Wentz

  • Software Developer
  • 5+ years Unity/programming experience
  • Degree in game programming and game design
  • Specialises in UI / UX frontend combined with design

Danny Salfield Wadeson

  • Writer & Assistant Producer
  • 7+ years professional creative/copywriting experience
  • Games journalist
  • Writes for console, F2P and PC games
  • Project managed for global brands such as Disney
  • Marketing & advertising experience

Join us

We are hiring for our German office in Bad Homburg (close to Frankfurt).

Open positions:

• Game Developer

• 3D Artist

If this sounds like you, please send us a mail to office@janeious.com with your CV and links to your work.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Get in touch!